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Accepted Solution

Answer:No, it is not a squareStep-by-step explanation:If one wall is 19", that would mean the wall perpendicular to this wall is also 19" (in fact all of the walls would be 19"!) If this was a square, then the diagonal we draw at 20.62" would serve as the hypotenuse of a right triangle.  One wall would serve as a leg, and another wall as another leg.  If this is a square, then the Pythagorean's Theorem would be satisfied when we plug in the 2 wall measures for a and b, and the diagonal for c:[tex]19^2+19^2=20.62^2[/tex]We need to see if this is a true statement.  If the left side equals the right side, then the 2 legs of the right triangle are the same length, and the room, then is a square.361 + 361 = 425.1844Is this true?  Does 722 = 425.1844?  Definitely not.  That means that the room is not a square.